Bamboo Furniture

Cane and Bamboo products have always occupied an important position in the handicrafts sector. Cane and bamboo are renewable resources, grows widely and abundantly availably. The products also have great demand in international market. Over the years, rural artisans have imbibed wide range of skills in the manufacture of various items and the skills have been the skills have been passed from generation to generations.

The Product
Cane is largely used for furniture making, whereas bamboo is used for making decorative items alike lamp-stand, partition, screen, flower pots, basket, fans mats etc. In recent years, uses of cane furniture have considerably increased not only in middle class homes, hotels and offices but also among foreign region. Most of the class hotels are using cane and bamboo items to give an elegance and stylish traditional look to their interiors.

Row Material and its availability
Different types of canes (eg: Raidang, Jeng, Jatti) Bamboo Sital patti (for design) Sand paper, nails.

Products Process
The major process involved is

  • Selection of natural care and bamboo for specific job work.
  • Preparation of basic elements of members by bending length of while cane to required shape.
  • Fixing the members is position by use of nails.
  • Blending the wavered joints by length of split cane to cover visible nails and vie additional rigidity.
  • Scrapping and varnishing/painting where required.